Short Corners

Just a couple random thoughts since so much has happened in the past year…

  • I washed my jersey, but the luck has seemingly moved onto my scarf.  I’ll let it claim responsibility for the Play-off final against Blackpool and the Chelsea victory.  Results have been undoubtedly better with the scarf, although Sam Allardyce might have something to do with that.
  • Speaking of Big Sam, one of my first posts on the site was a breakdown of potential managers before we hired Avram Grant.  At the time I may have been “less than enthusiastic” about the prospect of Sam getting the job.  That being said, I can freely admit that I was wrong.  Allardyce has brought a real organization to the defense, and a bite to the midfield that is surprisingly pleasant to watch.  I still see too many balls lumped up front for my liking, but you can’t argue with the results.  I have no problem with hoping that Sam is here to stay.
  • Andy Carroll – perfect for Sam’s system, and a coup of a loan.  Hasn’t done enough to warrant buying him at the end of his loan, but hopefully he can soon shake this injury bug and get back to terrorizing Premier League center backs.
  • Welcome back Joe Cole.  You know he would always be welcomed back to Upton Park with open arms.  It’s been a rough decade for him, at least in terms of expectations, but if he regains a semblance of what made him a poster boy of English football then he’ll be well worth it.  His debut against Manchester United in the FA Cup wasn’t too shabby.
  • Mohamed Diame – a revelation.  I love pretty passing football as much as the next guy, but there’s also something enjoyable in watching a player who marauds through the center of the pitch, sloughing off would-be tacklers with ease.  He’s not in the class of Yaya Toure, but his ability to single-handedly bring the ball up the pitch is fun to watch.  Now if only his final decision at the end of the run was a little better . . .
  • Preferred bidder status for the Olympic Stadium – Good and about time.  Suck it Spurs, and suck it Barry Hearn.  There are few things I hate more than hypocrites and shady people.

~ by ar_sage on January 8, 2013.

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