Bridge checks in . . .

West Ham finally has a left-back who actually is a left-back by trade.  Well, we had one before but if anyone can find where the 2008-09 version of Herita Ilunga is, please alert the proper authorities so they can take away the lazy, injury-prone doppelganger they replaced him with.  Wayne Bridge signed on a loan from Manchester City until the end of the season with West Ham reportedly picking up his £90k per week wage rate.  That number seems to have ruffled some feathers, rightly so, but if my math is right that adds up to just over £2 million for a rent-a-player for the remainder of the season.  That doesn’t seem like too much if Bridge can plug the gaping hole we have on the left side of the defense and keep us in the league this year.  Now making an average left-back your highest paid player on a 3 or 4 year contract?  Absurd, so here’s hoping that 6 months is all we’ll need him for, unless he feels like being generous and signing for a more club-friendly fee.  Not that it’s something he should do, because who among us would give up that amount of money willingly?  City wasn’t held at gunpoint to offer him that contract.  Either way, it’s good that management brought in some defensive help, because even if Bridge isn’t a top class defender, lord knows he’s better than any of the options we have on the team right now.


~ by ar_sage on January 14, 2011.

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