Is this what we are now . . . ?

Just a quick thought on last Saturday’s Arsenal game.  What kind of team are we now?  Have we really sunk so low as to view scoreless draws against top teams as a victory?  Avram Grant is praising the players after a “heroic” effort, and I do appreciate the heart the team showed in holding up against a fluid, offensive Arsenal team for 88 minutes, but playing for 0-0 draws would seem to make us no better than an over-matched League Championship-level team praying for a result against a more talented opponent.

Never again do I want to see an unenthusiastic, uninspired performance like the last 75 minutes or so of the Newcastle game, but neither do I want us to be a team that will park the bus in front of goal and cling desperately to scoreless draws.  West Ham is tied with Wigan as the lowest scoring team in the league, and losing Mark Noble for a month after his appendectomy will surely not help matters.  I can only hope that no more 0-0 draws are on the docket for what should be three winnable games against Birmingham, West Bromwich, and Blackpool.  It’s one thing to play defensive against a top-4 club, but if it continues against the middle and lower-tier teams, that splinter of doubt that’s been in the back of my head will start to grow into genuine worry about our hopes for Premiership survival this year.


~ by ar_sage on November 3, 2010.

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