Injuries. Bah. . . .

So Thomas Hitzlsperger is supposedly out for another four months after completely tearing his thigh muscle from the bone.  A painful sounding injury needless to say and surgery is necessary to repair it.  I was excited to see Hitzlsperger return to the team, as the reports from the preseason were saying that he was that little extra bit of class that a hard-working side like West Ham needed.  Now we’ll have to wait until the weather warms up before we’ll be seeing who was touted as this year’s most important signing suit up for the team.

The silver lining in the matter, if there is one, is that Mark Noble’s form has been outstanding as of late and should he continue to play well, the team can continue to get some good results.  I’m not going to go as far as saying that Hitzlsperger would be the best player on the team this year, but West Ham’s star injury curse continues unabated for another season.  After seeing high profile signings like Freddie Ljungberg and Kieron Dyer getting hurt before ever substantially contributing to the team, and losing star players like Dean Ashton and Carlton Cole during the peaks of their performances, it’s almost laughable how bad the luck has been.  In June when World Cup squads were announced, a part of me was happy that Scott Parker was not selected, purely for the reason that had he gotten hurt ala Ashton, the loss of West Ham’s single most important player would have doomed the squad before the season even began.  I find myself apprehensively going through match reports after international games in which West Ham players are participating, hoping beyond hope that we won’t lose anyone else.  No such luck regarding Hitzlsperger, and what makes it worse was that the initial injury was only supposed to keep him out for a couple weeks.

Well, such a hand has fate dealt the team.  It’s good that the team has been able to play well without him.  Hitzlsperger’s return will be like the brand new signing that he really is.  It makes you appreciate the semblance of depth in the squad this year.  There seems to be enough cover in the team to make it through a major injury, though I pray that the next inevitable hurt will not be a crucial player.  Offensively, Freddie Piquionne and Victor Obinna’s emergence have kept Cole from being irreplaceable, and even now Fred Sears and Bennie McCarthy are tearing it up in the reserve league games.  There is good variety among the midfield as well.  There is skill and pace among players like Pablo Barrera, Junior Stanislas and uber-crock Kieron Dyer, and steel from Valon Behrami (who should be back soon), Radoslav Kovac, and Luis Boa Morte.  Matty Upson and Manuel da Costa have shored up the central defense, but any number of players could step in on a short-term basis should any injuries arise.  So on and so forth, you can at least appreciate the balance of the squad that has been assembled this year.  Injuries will be unfortunate, but at least this year it feels like they will not be devastating.  Anyone remember having to play a front line of David di Michele and Diego Tristan?  Shudder.


~ by ar_sage on October 15, 2010.

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