So this is what it feels like to open up the scores and see a West Ham victory.  An away win after more than a year, even if it’s just in the Carling Cup, is welcome at any time.  I wasn’t able to watch the game, but trolling the websites and match reports, it seems like 2-1 didn’t reflect the advantage West Ham had during the game.  I always like to go to sites from the opposing teams, just to see what their view on the game was, and I’ve found that Sunderland’s fan sites are usual pretty fair.  Salut! Sunderland, in particular, does a question-and-answer piece with Sam H from The West Ham Process, which I try and catch whenever we have a game with the Black Cats.  Anyway, the fan sites have it going as a one sided game, and Sunderland manager Steve Bruce concurs that the better side won.  Personally, I don’t get too frustrated with a large amount of missed opportunities at goal.  The way I see it, the ability to create good chances is a better reflection of the team than converting one or two freak occurrences a game.  I was happy to hear that Scott Parker had a dominating game, and that Pablo Barrera was able to make an appearance in the side today.  The two were able to combine well, and hopefully it Barrera will be able to make an impact in league play very soon.  His pace and skill on the wing will provide some of the width that we lack at times, and I feel that he and Thomas Hitzlsperger will make some very important contributions to the team this season.  With a tie at Stoke, and now the win against Sunderland, let’s look for the good form to continue against Spurs on Saturday.


~ by ar_sage on September 22, 2010.

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