How superstitious can you be before it’s unhealthy . . . ?

A short post today, not for lack of news, but more for fear of jinxing the potential goings-on.  How many times have West Ham been close to a sure thing, only to be pipped at the last minute (cough, cough Eidur Gudjohnsen)?  West Ham seem so close to something positive, and after the misery of last season, good news is so very welcome.  A little superstition can hopefully carry everything through, so no discussion of details until official announcements from the club.

It has been reported that a certain Mexican international is poised to sign a contract with the club.  Terms have been agreed upon between the teams, the offer suits the player as well.  The player has supposedly flown into London to receive medical clearance, and a work permit is in the process of being obtained as well.  The official West Ham site has not released any news, but the player’s original club team has said that the move has been agreed upon by all parties involved.  We await with bated breaths.

More recent rumblings have been about additional investment in the club.  A foreign billionaire is supposedly inquiring into the remaining available shares.  Davids Gold and Sullivan control 60% of the club, with the remaining shares owned by CB Holdings, which is made up of Icelandic creditors from the Eggert Magnusson/Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson era.  The billionaire, believed to be Russian, is considering a purchase of 35% of the club made up of CB Holdings’ shares.  Rumors such as these should be taken with a grain of salt, though Sullivan and Gold did mention after their takeover that they were looking into bringing in additional investors to the club.  The Davids went so far as to offer non-controlling shares to Tony Fernandes, one of their principal rivals in the race to own the club.  Also as the season progressed, David Sullivan predicted doom and gloom should West Ham have been relegated, noting the loss of potential investors he had lined up if the club could continue playing in the Premier League.  It is possible that the Russian was one of the parties he had talked to, and that any new money invested in the club may be used for some of the more expensive transfer targets that West Ham have been linked with.  Once again, there have been no official announcements, so it is all just wait-and-see.


~ by ar_sage on July 13, 2010.

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