Still Waiting . . .

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.

The club still awaits the appointment of a new manager, though the papers and sites say that Avram Grant has won the job.  The official appointment is said to be coming next week when Grant returns from a vacation, although RUMORS say that he is already assembling a staff with several of his Portsmouth coaches joining him at West Ham.  The only release by the club regarding the matter was a message that said the club is making “good progress” in the search for a new manager, and that an appointment would be made in early June.  Quite a help, that piece of information was.

Elsewhere, Steve Clarke is said to have been fired, if the Sun is to be believed.  Again, there has been no official reports, just another anonymous source, supposedly privy to the backroom happenings at the club.  This news would be slightly surprising if it is true, for it would mean that there would be no reunion for Clarke and Grant (if he actually becomes the manager) from their days at Chelsea.

The only substantiated news that’s come out has been the Davids increasing their ownership share to 60%, having bought an additional 10% from CB Holdings.  Of the £8m paid, £4m will be going to CB Holdings with the other £4m going directly to the club.  This is welcome news, as any money going towards the club will help reduce the tremendous debt, or may be put towards the purchase of new players.  Whether any of that is true, or actually happens, remains to be seen.


~ by ar_sage on May 26, 2010.

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